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My Love and passion is for the service of others and empowering people to have a more enriched , healthy life, connected to themselves, Mother Earth and all life and to be in right relationship with all that is. I have enormous honor for all life and I work on empowering you to lifting the veil of your consciousness to reveal the beauty an divinity within.


With experience as an ambulance officer and as a trauma support officer in an emergency department, I am able to meld this with many healing modalities to bring you personal transformation and self empowerment.


I am a qualified Reiki Master, massage Therapist, a Graduate of the Four Winds Society in Shamanic Energy Medicine and have studied healing modalities from the tibetan traditions of healing and Elemental Alchemy. I have been initiated in the Healing traditions of the Q’ero, the Inca, the Earth Keepers and Wisdom Keepers of the Ancient Medicine of the Andes, in Peru and Chile South America.


Through my work, in my private Energy Medicine practice, you are brought back into balance and right relationship with all life and Mother Earth.Through ceremony and prayer, we can create from our hearts, the ability to dream our world into being. We were made to thrive, to live in cooperation and love.

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