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with Matthew Titmus

soul retrieval - long distance healing 

shamanic journeying - detox to empowerment - illumination

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My Love and passion is for the service of others and empowering people to have a more enriched , healthy life, connected to themselves, Mother Earth and all life and to be in right relationship with all that is.

I am a qualified Reiki Master, massage Therapist, a Graduate of the Four Winds Society in Shamanic Energy Medicine and have studied healing modalities from the tibetan traditions of healing and Elemental Alchemy. I have been initiated in the Healing traditions of the Q’ero, the Inca, the Earth Keepers and Wisdom Keepers of the Ancient Medicine of the Andes, in Peru and Chille South America.

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"Matthew offers grounded, integrated wisdom and palpable healing energy that flows from his deeply rooted, lifelong connection to Mother Earth.


He is humble, trustworthy, skillful and loving. I feel profoundly served by his intuitive insights that have helped me to connect with my own deepest resources and expand my own relationship to Pacha Mama.


Thank you, my brother, for such a powerful, restorative experience!"

"Self love is not a privilege...It's a necessity.

So much gratitude for my beautiful friend and energetic healer who performed a long overdue healing session on me this afternoon. The setting could not have been anymore beautiful...Bringing me back to me.

Matthew Moosa titmus even gave me a cheeky flex of those guns especially for the photo. Love you my friend."

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